Congratulations to all staff who have been promoted, confirmed and whose contracts have been renewed.

To Associate Professor

  1. Dr HRD Muhanguzi—DSTV

To Senior Lecturer

  1. Dr Mathias B Mulumba –DHLE

To Lecturer

  1. Dr. Nicholas Itaaga (DFCS)


  1. Dr Betty Akullu Ezati – Dean School of Education
  2. Mr. Steven J Hurd - Honorary Visiting lecture at DFCS on a 1 year contract.
  3. Mr Charles Kyansaku - Assistant Lecturer DFCS
  4. Mr Reymick Oketch Okwong - Assistant Lecturer DSTVE

Contract Renewals

  1. Dr. Alice Merab Kagoda - Associate Professor DHLE - contracted renewed for 3 years
  2. Mr. Aloysius Ssenkimpi - Teaching Assistant DHLE - contract renewed for 2 years
  3. Mr David Munialo - Chief Lab Technician DSTVE—contract renewed for 2 years


  1. Mr. Michael Walimbwa - Assistant Lecturer DFCS – Confirmed into University Service
  2. Ms. Rose Costa Nakawuki – Assistant Lecturer DFCS – Confirmed into University Service
  3. Mr. Nicholas Elijah Mulabbi – Assistant Lecturer DSTVE– Probation Appointment