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We provide a range of academic programmes at undergraduate and graduate levels that equip our students with essential employability skills to meet the needs of the job market.

Undergraduate programmes

Bachelor of Arts with Education

Bachelor of Science with Education


Graduate programmes

PGD in Education

The overall objectives of the PGDE Programme is to prepare teachers/educators with adequate knowledge, skills and understanding of issues necessary for designing, implementing, teaching, supervising and evaluating curricula and programmes. The PGDE programme is intended to: Introduce the Graduate Trainee to various aspects of Education that enable them to use their learnt content during undergraduate levels to enable them become educators at Secondary Schools and Technical / Tertiary Institutes colleges, Train the graduate in Teacher education to broaden their knowledge in teaching Subjects they have graduated, Equip the trainee with Instructional skills to handle the teaching of Post Primary and Secondary subject and Train the graduates to manage various aspects to educational components in Ministries, Universities, and other educational institutions

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PGD in Medical Education

M.Ed. in Science Education

M.Ed. in Language & Literature  Education

M.Ed. in Language & Literature  Education

M.Ed. in Curriculum Studies

The programme is designed to produce a human resource that is greatly lacking in the field of Curriculum Development.  This human resource is, in total, desired to make an impact in the development curriculum and improving pedagogical skills that will improve education policy and implementation by influencing debate and decisions for designing curricula and specific level as well as grade syllabuses, assessment practices, classroom teaching and instructional materials design and development. The programme therefore is to curriculum developers, teachers/educators, and basically in all sectors of training there are aspects of curriculum development. The programme will enhance curriculum developers with adequate knowledge, skills and command of issues necessary for designing, implementing, teaching, supervising and evaluating curricula and Programmes

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M.Ed. in Educational Foundations

The Masters Degree in Educational Foundations and management shall enable graduates, teachers, administrators, policy makers and community development workers to: translate  the acquired knowledge into critical awareness of educational problems and processes; Practice the acquired skills for analyzing, evaluating and interpreting the relationship between education and society and apply these in real educational situations;Utilize knowledge, methods and techniques related to foundations and management of education so as to develop professional ways of thinking, judging and acting among teacher trainees; and Initiate and execute educational changes and programmes in the education system

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PhD in Education

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